I was having a chat with one of my friends, recommending her some products that personally I think are amazing and she could really benefit from. Now this is a normal behaviour right? We recommend things to people all the time. We recommend movies, products, tv shows, places to visit, people to follow, books to read, restaurants to try. Its how we as humans communicate and we do this all the time. I mean don’t you? I would find it hard to believe that you’ve never recommended anything in your life!

Now I was recommending her some skin products that are chemical free and vegan certified because I found they made a massive difference to my skin and digestive health. No more black heads for me, no more black bags under my eyes, no more IBS I’ve had since I was a child. Even my cellulite I’ve had since I was 15 started disappearing. Yes I am one of those unfortunate people who have had cellulite since a very young age. At 15 mine was worse than my moms. So I was absolutely astounded that these products made such a difference while being pure and beneficial. As an energy healer I’ve become very aware of what we put in and on our body because it affects our energy. I’ve become aware that 95% of the products on high street are filled with chemicals like parabens that is just a bulking agent and mineral oil which is actually a by-product of petroleum. Now would you rub petrol all over children? I know I wouldn’t. I shudder at the thought itself, the image of a child being covered in black poisonous liquid crying out for their parent comes rushing into my head. So why should I put that on my skin? So my skin can absorb 85% off that directly into my bloodstream and decrease my precious health as a result? No thank you.

But anyway I’ve gotten side tracked now, as you can probably tell when I am passionate about something I go off a little bit :). So my friend was very sceptical about my recommendation. Why you ask? Because I am actually an independent consultant for Arbonne which are the products I was recommending to her. This is where my argument comes in. I am sure that up till now you thought I was just recommending a product right? So why is it that just because I work with them it automatically becomes a sale?

I asked her, why do you think that recommending and sales is the same thing in my scenario. Her answer was simply ‘Because you make a profit’. Now that is very true. Yes I make a commission of my recommendations. And yes I am still adamant I am recommending because I am passionate about the products and I know how effective they are so I share that with people. But she didn’t see it that way. So I asked her this. What is the difference in motivation between recommendation and sales? She was stuck. She was too caught up by the fact that I am making a profit therefore there cannot possibly be a difference. But to me there is a HUGE difference! I am not blindly convincing or manipulating people into buying these products no matter what. I think about if they could benefit from them and how, and I share that with them. At no point am I forcing them to use the products or to join me in my business. I am giving them a choice and merely educating them about something I think is wonderful. That is the difference. The motivation and the motivation is so key! I am a caring passionate person and I love to help people. I genuinely believe people deserve to live the life of their dreams in full health. That is why I have become a Holistic Therapist and that is why I work with Arbonne. Because their products change people’s lives, and so does the business opportunity.

So if you want to try the products, fantastic! Give me a shout and I will show you how they can help you with skin problems, digestion problems, weight problems, fatigue, anti-aging and so much more. If you want to gain financial and time freedom in the future doing an online part-time based job you can do from anywhere then that is great. Send me a message and we can have a chat to see if this is the right fit for you. Because everyone deserves to know what is out there and make a decision for themselves.

So what decision will you make? Will you stay safely where you are, or will you be brave enough to listen to something that can absolutely change your life and help you grow into the best version of yourself you could possibly be? I look forward to meeting you soon. Have a fantastic day.

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