I have always been known for the giddy, friendly and smiley girl running around with lots of energy. But just like any human, I have my ups and downs. I am almost ashamed to admit that recently I have had one of my lows, feeling like everything is falling apart, wanting to curl up into bed and just forget about the world. But the thing is that is not how life works. We will keep waking up, and have to continue living whether we like it or not. So why not do whatever it takes to make the living part fun and worthwhile? It is a scary thing sharing your weaknesses with people. To be that brutally honest, but you know what? We need to know that we all feel this way sometimes and that it is ok. It is human and we can get through this together.

FREE Consultation.jpgI know it’s hard. Oh my goodness I know how hard it is having that battle with yourself in your head day in, day out. Telling yourself you will start tomorrow, today is not the day, I’ll just lay in bed today feeling safe and warm. Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow will be different. I will get back on track soon. I’m going to start eating proper food again tomorrow. I’ll go shopping tomorrow. Ill spend time with my friends tomorrow. Ill call my mom tomorrow. Ill talk about it tomorrow. Ill get out of the house tomorrow. Ill be happy tomorrow. I will wake up with energy tomorrow. It will be ok tomorrow.

You know what the problem with all of the above is? Tomorrow isn’t now, and there will always be another tomorrow, and another, and another. Sooner or later its days, weeks, months and for some people even years later. We are responsible for our own life. NOBODY ELSE! That is an empowering and a terrifying thing. It means we can’t blame anyone for our misfortunes and our unhappiness because we have the power to change our own life, to change our habits, to decide how we let people treat us, to stay in certain situations, to stay in the safe comfort zone and to let others control our emotions. Do not give them that power! This is your life and it is your responsibility to do something about it. Stop waiting for that Prince Charming that inst coming or that magic bean that will suddenly shift everything for you. It’s not the universes’s job to fix your life for you, it’s not God’s responsibility. It’s yours. You have been given the tools and the opportunity to do what you want with your life. So what will you do with it?

One of the reasons why I love working with Reiki so much is because like energy attracts like. Just because I am a therapist doesn’t mean I am perfect. It doesn’t mean that I am perfectly balanced, centered and happy all the time. It doesn’t mean that I don’t get effected by the tough times in life, it doesn’t mean that I don’t feel like throwing in the towel sometimes when it’s just been too much, or when I have been given terrible news about a loved one. But it does mean that I have the self awareness to know what is happening and choose to muster up any strength I may have left in me to change my circumstances and my mood.

hello-i-m-nik-698722-unsplashBut back to this like energy attracts like. As you probably know physics has proven everything is made up of energy. That includes us. And what they have also found, is that similar energies attract each other. Now this is quiet scary, because it means that everything that has happened in our life, good or bad, we have attracted to ourselves. If  you do not like what you are attracting you need to shift your energy so you start attracting different things. This is where good luck and bad luck phrases come from. When bad things happen more bad things happen right? But, when good things start happening more good things happen don’t they? That’s because you are shifting your energy, or allowed a circumstance in your life to shift it, and then more similar things get attracted. Depending on how you react to those, you may or may not attract more of the same. This is why positive psychology is actually really good. If we purposefully shift our mentality to be more positive we start having a more positive energy therefore life starts flowing better. But that does take a lot of effort, resilience and consistency which a lot of us unfortunately do not have. The second we don’t see results straight away we give up. 

Life is tough, it throws stuff at us all the time, it makes us climb mountains and it makes us fall before we rise. But it is up to us whether we reach that peak or not. It is up to us if we just float through life, or choose to be the driver and steer it in the right direction. If you are having trouble starting to steer your life on the right tract, energy healing is a wonderful way to start shifting your energy, releasing any past negative patterns and living a more balanced lifestyle. I love showing my clients things they can do at home that help empower them in their life, and then they can choose if they will take that control or not. As energy healing is so powerful it can actually be done at a distance and I work with people in other countries to help them live a happier and healthier life. Whether they are specifically looking to deal with a certain issue, a health problem or just want to improve their life in general I love being part of those shifts in their life.

I know what a struggle it can be, I have been growing up with that struggle as a teenager and throughout adulthood and make that choice every single day I get up out of bed. I decide it will be an amazing day. I decide I will achieve my goals. I decide I will live the life of my dreams and I decide to do whatever it takes to achieve that no matter how hard that may be. And every day I love my life, I listen to the birds singing, I enjoy the light breeze on my skin, I love making people smile on the street, I love going Latin dancing and inspiring others through my dance, I love that connection you have with other people when you talk, I love being able to make someone’s day better, I love that I am healthy and able to walk around each day, I love that I can see, smell and feel everything around me, I love that I have the power within me to change my life every day, and I love all the struggles that come alongside life, because they make us stronger. They grow us and shape us into the best, strongest, most warrior versions of ourselves we could possibly be.

So choose to be a warrior, not a passenger of life. Be the leader you’ve always wanted to be and watch what you can achieve with you life. Do not let failure be an option. Keep fighting, keep going. Every single one of you have what it takes and I completely 100% believe in you. Go out there and change your life. I would love to hear your story so feel free to reach out by emailing me, or commenting below. Have a wonderful day my beautiful people and make that decision to start changing your life TODAY, not tomorrow and do not let failure be an option! You got this.

I will leave you with this video that is a beautiful representation of how precious each second in our life is.


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