We all have hopes and dreams. As children we imagine all the things we want to be, do and see. But how many of those childhood dreams turn into just that? Stuck in our imagination as but unrealistic scenarios turned into wishful images. Something happens to us as adults, reality sets in and we loose that passion for life. That drive for the ‘impossible’. You want to know a little secret about me? I’ve always wished magic was real. As a teenager I would even do research into withcraft and spirits because I was that desperate to hang onto the fact that there must be more to life than just what was becoming my daily reality. School, homework, eat, sleep, repeat. Dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a safe and stable life. I have an amazing supportive loving mom, I had a home with a warm bed to sleep in, I was fed, kept safe and I was loved. But for some reason I wanted more in life, so I kept clinging onto the hope that things like telekinesis (moving objects with your mind) are real. But you now what? Magic is real. Maybe not in the way we see on TV, in books and movies,  but it’s there all around us. It just depends on what your definition of magic is. When I started training in Reiki my life started becoming truly remarkable. It opened me up to so many opportunitites, it helped me heal parts of my past that were holding me back, so that I could move forward into the new and exciting. And Oh it is soo exciting!

” I will embrace my fears, I will learn from them, I will grow and I will let them help me become the person I need to be to live the life of my dreams. Don’t let your fears stop you from living your life to the fullest. Don’t fall into the trap of being in your comfort zone. You can’t grow there. Be brave and step out and watch your world transform ❤️ ” 18th March 2018

It’s been a crazy few months. During the blood moon in January I decided I am done waiting for my dreams and I have set myself a 1 year timer on my phone. In 1 year max I am dropping everything as it is and going travelling all over the world for a few years. That was my goal. Now if you have read any books about law of attraction you will know, that when you start talking about something as if it’s real, acting like it and feeling it, it becomes a reality. I have to admit I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne probably when I was 15 and it hasnt always helped me so remarkebly as those in the book, but what I’ve realised is that I always quit on my dreams. It was the easier thing to do, because imagining my life being better and more magical scared me. It made me feel undeserving and it was easier for nothing to change than me putting all my heart and soul into this and risking failing at it. My mindset has changed so much. Without trying we cannot grow. Without failure we cannot learn. They come hand in hand. Before I would rather stay in the comfort of the now, rather than step out and try something new. Because even when things dont work out, we still learn something from it. We learn and next time we are better equipped to take it one step further. 

So what happened after I set that 365 day timer on my phone? I started telling everyone about it. I got so excited I started doing research and started making realisations, a lot of changes would have to happen, so why not start now? I ended up deciding I will have to grow my Therapy business remotely (I don’t want to give up my business of helping people live happier lives) so there is no longer any point of me living alone in London and paying stupid rent which meant I couldnt afford anything else in life bar food and transport. I was already in the process of wanting to change my part time office job and started thinking.. well why dont I just move out of London? That will be cheaper! And slowly these realisations started coming together and I came to the conclusion that there is no point whatsoever waiting till next January to travel. It took me 1 day to decide to leave in 1 year. 2 weeks later I was putting things into place to leave as soon as possible. My goal was to be in Australia in 3 months time. Well that didnt work out haha. 1 week later I realised how much evidence I need for the Australian VISA and how much I have to save. So I did some calculations, gave notice in my flat, gave notice in my part time job, applied for 2 ad hoc summer jobs for extra cash and set a new more realistic deadline of September. Now I am on track. 

Boxes being sent to mom in Ireland to keep for when I get back from my travels

That was the easy part of the journey. That was the exciting OMG I am going travelling and I am going to see all these amazing places ahhh soo soo excited. But of course with any big change usually comes stress and anxiety as well. I was excited, but I was also terrified. I just didnt want to admit it to myself or anyone else. But the reality is, when I was in the process of getting rid of all of my belongings I had migraines for 7 days straight to the point that my doctor sent me for an MRI scan (all clear by the way, no need to worry). I used to suffer a lot from anxiety attacks and depression when I was at Uni and was even on medication. I havent needed it since, but I decided it was a good idea to take something to calm my nerves so I can cope with all this change and the migraines. I increased the Reiki time, mediation, morning techniques and continued along the journey. But honestly, getting rid of all my belongings was emotional as hell! I dont know about you, but I am very attached to my things I am a little bit of what people would call a horder. I had a LOT of stuff. Everytime I moved I had to do 5 full to the brim car runs.  When I was at the car sale I was actually there telling people to take good care of my things that I will miss them lol. Crazy right?  I came home to a practically empty and very messy flat . My friend told me about this car boot sale on Friday and it was happening on Sunday so I had Saturday to pack up my life, decide what I sell/ give away, what I keep on my travels and what I will send to my mom. That was a busy day and let’s just say I did not have a lot of time to process everything, so the migraines persevered, but so did I!!

” When you finish packing up your whole life into 5 small boxes, a suitcase and a backpack… This has probably been one of the hardest things I’ve done by choice. Choosing to get rid of my belongings that mean so much to me and saying goodbye for ever. I’m passing 5 boxes to my mom of things she can use herself or things that are too sentimental for me to let go off. When these boxes get picked up today I will be living from a suitcase and a backpack for the next few years. Deciding what goes there was a legitimate nightmare and I think it’s going to be a massive work in progress but there you go. ” 22nd March 2018

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