What is Arbonne and how does it link into what I do you ask? Well there is a lot to cover so I will try to keep it as brief as possible. Arbonne is the #1 company worldwide for healthy living inside and out. Their products are pure, safe and beneficial. The best of science and nature combined without any added chemicals. Now why is this important?


Did you know?

  • 80% of the chemicals you put on your skin through products, get absorbed directly into your bloodstream
  • 95% of the products on high street like make up, shampoo, shower gel, moisturizer, shaving cream, protein shakes are filled with chemicals and GMO ingredients.
  • Parabens is used to prolong the shelf life of products, but has been found to have cancerous properties?
  • Mineral oil is used as a bulking agent in products and has been found to be a byproduct of petroleumMission Statement_social_image

Let me ask you, would you rub petroleum all over your body?
Or even worse over a child’s body. Every time I think of this, an image of a child in tears covered in black gooey liquid screaming for their mom comes to mind. Our bodies are precious and we need to take care of them. We need to think about the things we put on our skin and what we put inside our bodies. I am not saying to be starving yourself. Definitely no! Your body needs nourishment. But, if all you are feeding your body is fast food, take-away, ready-made food and fizzy drinks then don’t be surprised if you have skin problems, are always tired, not able to get through the day without coffee/ energy drinks or have health problems. Your body is trying to communicate with you and you need to listen to it and do something about it. This is something that is absolutely key in energy healing. We study what our body is communicating to us. Even if it’s as simple as getting headaches, skin not being clear, bags under eyes, difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much. What is your body telling you and are you listening to it? Or ignoring it and continuing the way you are going?

Top 20 Not Allowed_social_imageAs an energy healer I have become more and more aware of how these things affect our energy. I help my clients balance their energy and release issues from the past, or relieve pain. By then I am able to educate them on how these things can contribute to their health problems, and how they can do things themselves at home to increase their frequency and keep their energy clear.

It is also an amazing part-time business opportunity so if you are looking for financial and time freedom you could join me in this business, and I could teach you how to duplicate what I do and live your life the way you have been dreaming, or maybe have even been too scared to dream because it feels so unreachable. Nothing is unreachable and everything is possible. You can absolutely live the life that you want, but it means you need to change something in your life and start working towards it. You can have a look at this video if you are interested hearing more about this, and if you have any more questions just contact me. I would be happy to help you whether you want to try some of the products before you buy, want to join my business, or just want some life advice.