Are you a shy dancer?
Do you have a performance coming up and your nerves keep getting in your way?
Do you spend your time worring about the technically of dance, and  lose the ability to enjoy it?
Do you worry about what others think of you when you dance?
Struggle trusting yourself or your partner?

All of these stages are completely normal. Psychological aspects such as confidence, trust and self consciousness all play a massive role in perfomance. From a beginner social dancer, to a professional on the stage. These concepts are incredibly important in our ability to enjoy ourselves, continue growing our skills and performing to the best of our ability.

arissa Brandon _ Contemporary Artist (8)

What can I help you with?

Improve your social dancing
Increase your enjoyment of dance
Self Consciousness
Trust yourself and your ability
Trust your partner
Use and Enhance your Motivation
Recognize Achievements
Stage Fright
Creativity Block
Self Esteem

Who I work with?

Dancers of all levels
Performance Teams
Individual Performers
Sport Professionals


My Experience

I started dancing Salsa when I was 15 with my mom. We went to Tunisia and she just decided that we should learn to dance. When we returned to Ireland, I found Salsa classes and we have been hooked ever since. I suffered from an injury to my shoulder during Kickboxing at University, that was serious enough to stop me from dancing for 2 years. When I was able to start again, I could no longer dance Salsa, as my body would not let me. With desperation I searched for a dance my body would still let me, which is how Bachata found me. I have now been dancing for several years and I want to use my experience in dance, to help you develop your performance and enjoyment by combining my therapeutic skills.