Energy is the invisible foundation for the health of our body. We are composed of energy pathways and energy centres that are linked. They effect our cells, organs, moods and thoughts. When these energies are shifted, it influences your health, emotions and state of mind.

Energy Psychology is a part of a broad spectrum of psychological treatments that use the human energy system (ie. meridians, aura, chakra) during psychological treatment.

There are a wide variety of treatments available (including Reiki, EFT and EMDR), all of which have the theory that the mind-body-energy connection can be utilized to heal a person holistically. This means that the mind is connected to the body in an energized way. To help the mind heal, you must also address the energy links to it. In this way, the body is able to regain full balance again.

Why use Energy Psychology

Benefits in Comparison to Talking Therapies
Traditional talking therapies such as Psychotherapy and CBT, use the power of speech to transform the client’s inner emotions. By talking through the situation and the feelings surrounding it, the client can learn to better understand their inner world. This leads to the development of new ways of seeing things and the ability to consider new alternatives.

However this method can often be very emotionally draining, as you consciously have to make these realizations and live through those experiences again, often discussing them in detail. This method also doesn’t have the power to change the client’s innermost world.

Through EP, the client is able to release emotional blocks. By correcting disruptions in the energy system, the client can reach a balance within their disturbed internal pattern without any emotional pain. The client’s emotional health, success in the world, and the level of joy can all be dramatically enhanced by shifting the energy that regulates it.