£60 per hour

Reiki Distant Healing
£55 per hour
Find a quiet place in your home during the time we agree and I can send you a lovely healing session no matter where you are in the world, getting the same benefits as if you were in the room with me. 

Hypnotherapy & Sports Therapy
£80 per hour
£100 for 1.5 hours. Most sessions take 1.5 hours to really get the most out of it, therefore I offer a discounted rate for this.
Free 30-minute initial consultation (save £50). This is a requirement before your first session.

Hypnotherapy: 4 session Anxiety Tool
Learn a tool that will help you deal with stressful situations for the rest of your life in 4 sessions.
4 sessions up to 1.5 hours each: £100 per session
If booked 4 sessions in advance: £350 (save £50)

Hypnotherapy Consultation
This is a 30 minute session, either in person or over the phone. This has to happen before treatment begins. No actual therapy happens during this time. Great opportunity for you to learn more about the type of therapy, discuss what you want to work on and get an idea of how this would be dealt with.

Students and over 60’s discount (per treatment session). Proof will be required.
Reiki: £10 reduction
Hypnotherapy: £20 reduction

I accept cash or card. If you wish to pay by card, you will need to do this via bank transfer. At visits only cash will be accepted. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

I am always happy to cancel or move sessions, as long as you give me 24 hours notice. Otherwise 50% of the fee will apply.

  • Maria kindly offered me a distance healing session earlier this month. She was very thorough in explaining the process beforehand, and I felt in very safe hands. The treatment was very calming and I was left feeling rejuvenated, calm and in greater balance

    Rebecca C.
  • ''Maria performed Reiki on me Christmas 2017 it was a wonderful experience. Maria was very in tune with my energies and I felt that she released the trapped energy I was holding in my body. I felt very positive after the treatment.
    She has a great gift!''

    Sile Ni R.
  • ''Maria gave me Reiki and a few Distance Healings. It's very relaxing and effective treatment. I really enjoyed it, felt deeply relaxed and a big relief in my sore neck and back. Maria is gifted passionate and very professional therapist, I would highly recommend her.''

    "Maria has continued working on me with her distant healings, I don't know how she has done this, but instead of being paranoid about every single relationship, I am now able to be calm and rational and actually enjoy the journey. I no longer worry about why he isn't spending enough time with me, why he isn't replying straight away etc. It's a wonderful change of pace''

    Marie K.
  • ''I had one session with Maria. She is intuitive and has a wonderful energy and passion for healing. My only regret is not managing any more sessions before she left my area.''

    Stephen K.